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September 2016 (click)
Happy Autumn Equinox from Emma
Videos: Meditation – making your mind your best friend and mastering your emotions

August 2016 (click)
What has this season got in store for you?

March 2016 (click) 
Seasonal changes and how they affect us
Emma’s top tips for cleansing this spring
Video: ever wondered how olive oil is made?
Video: are you being WI-FRIED?

February 2016 (click)
Top tips for boosting your love hormones
What your dentist may not tell you
Video: top tips for healthy relationships

January 2016 (click)
Look years younger in 28 days and kick start your health this January
Celtic Moon Wisdom for January
10 Ways to help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions

December 2015 (click)
The effects of water on our health
Seasonal tips
Bringing the spirituality back into Christmas
Recipe: cashew butter and raspberry cookies
Water filter supplier details

November 2015 (click)
Pregnancy health
Unleash the power of the Mind

October 2015 (click)
Give your immune system the help it deserves this season
Top 10 tips for a cold free year ahead and a fully functioning immune system
Video: Emma’s top tips for October

September 2015 (click)
Supporting your body through the equinox changes