“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

Naturopathy allows natural methods to bring about a cure.

Our courses teach naturopathy as a system of diet, nutrition, supplements and cleansing techniques supported by an understanding of traditional health practices such as ancient Celtic wisdom, the Chinese five element system, Ayurvedic medicine and astrology.

Naturopathy restores balance to the body, bringing peace to the mind, reconnecting us with natural cycles and restoring our own innate wisdom. It encompasses all aspects of someone’s life:  lifestyle, environment, physical health, as well as mental, emotional naturopathyand spiritual balance. As a multidimensional approach to health, naturopathy empowers people to understand their own journey and hereditary history, and to learn what is needed to heal and develop a deeper understanding of themselves.

We focus on using food as medicine, particularly live foods, herbs, plants and superfoods, to support health and healing. We promote a plant based diet as we know from research and experience that this enables people to heal and stay well more effectively, however we appreciate and understand variations in individual needs and lifestyles. Changes in diet and detoxification are always approached before considering supplementation because the body needs to detoxify and hydrate as a first stage of treatment.

We believe that dis-ease comes about to promote healing: problems occur that take us in the right direction to align us with our soul’s purpose. We enable people to understand their history and how they have become ill, and this helps to give people back their power.