Spring equinox update March 18th

 During this workshop you will gain knowledge, support and continual personal development within the naturopathic philosophy. I will provide you with up to date current information that you can use to improve your life or better your skills in working with your clients. This workshop is for existing clients or previous students.
10:15 am Arrival
10.30am -1pm: Wake up and experience Spring the naturopathic way

  • Make the most of the spring season with applying the naturopathic principles.
  • Learn how to support the liver and treat liver disease
  • How to diagnose and treat B12 deficiency
  • How to treat eye conditions and understand their connection with the liver
  • Learn how to be a vegan and not meet nutritional deficiency.

1pm-2pm Lunch – please bring lunch to share (not compulsory) gluten free, vegan , no onions /garlic

2pm-3pm Case history reviews and tutor support 

£50 for the workshop and £10 extra for the case history support.

Venue: Insole court, Cardiff, CF52XP

BOOKING in advance essential


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