“Defy the odds with your health. Set a new standard. Step up.” – Tony Robbins

Enhance your fertility with naturopathic nutrition
For men and women, couples or singles

fertility course - naturopathic nutritionThis series of sessions is designed for people who wish to boost their fertility and resolve long term fertility issues, or for practitioners in nutrition to be able to offer this service to others in practice. This course is designed to give you a step by step approach to fertility. Some of the content:

  1. The impact of diet, superfoods and supplementation on our hormones and fertility
  2. The effect of environmental factors and stress on our ability to conceive
  3. How the seasons and cycles can enhance our chances of conception and achieving a fertile body
  4. Looking at the mind and emotions and their impact on our health
  5. How to correct long-term nutritional deficiencies
  6. How to be in control of your fertility and the conception of your baby

.Emma has had a high success rate in the area of fertility with many of her clients. Some have experienced extensive fertility treatments before meeting Emma, then taken on the naturopathic approach and conceived naturally. Emma has personal experience in the area of conception and pregnancy as her husband was classed as infertile before they met, and they are now parents to two young daughters.

“Me and my partner were trying for a baby for 10 years with three unsuccessful IVF’s behind us – then we started a nutritional program with Emma “Healthy” Jones Phillips, three months later we successfully conceived, and I gave birth to a healthy baby boy 9 months later.” (Anonymous)

6 sessions – meeting every 2 weeks allows time to apply the teachings from the course
Recordings available if you can’t make the course in person
Total investment (partners are welcome to come for free): £600
Includes notes, webinar and reading material.

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