Emma Healthy Jones Phillips“I believe that all disease can be overcome if we approach it in the right manner. If we can create dis-ease in our body then we can find our way out of it.”

I started off my career working in teaching, but my life started to take a new avenue when I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and total allergy syndrome. I needed recovery time and there was no medical treatment available, so I embarked on my journey with natural health. I started practicing yoga and learnt massage and reflexology, which helped me to come back to a level where I was functioning reasonably, but I was still unable to work.

By chance I attended a naturopathy session with a leading naturopath, and it was a life changing moment. I made changes in many areas of my life, including giving up animal products and switching to organic produce, and in the process I corrected lifelong mineral and vitamin deficiencies. After 6 months I was fully functioning again, I had a new lease of life and I was considering different career choices.  I then spent some time gaining experience in health food stores and became the manager in Neal’s Yard Remedies.

One year after beginning to work with naturopathy, I started a 2 year course then did a further 2 years on an apprenticeship. I then worked until 2006 building my experience in practice. I taught courses in London, Bristol, and Glasgow and went on to start the first College of Naturopathic Nutrition in Dublin.

Eventually I decided to come back home and establish the first college in Wales: in 2006 I opened the School of Naturopathic Health Studies, in Cardiff. We started working in association with Zodiac Training, who certify the course through the Federation of Holistic Therapists. Along with my husband Steve, we are now the School of Naturopathic Nutrition, which is one of only 2 naturopathic nutrition colleges in the whole of the UK.

I am a published author and produced the Moon Diary, a naturopathic astrology book, for 5 years (2008-2012). I have appeared on Jamie Owen’s Radio Wales show as an in-house consultant and on television as a nutritional expert. I have written for Here’s Health Magazine, Women’s Monthly Magazine, and a number of local publications. I have also developed health menus for St David’s Hotel and Spa and the Hilton Hotel.

I have a keen interest in the personal development side of this work and have attended a number of courses with Tony Robbins, as well as training and retreats with David Wolfe. I have co-run raw food events and popup raw dinner parties with Kate Magic, who is a leading raw foodist in the UK. I have also had the opportunity to work with professional rugby players such as Jonathan Davies and the Ospreys, along with Glamorgan cricket club, and actors and celebrities in the music industry.

As well as teaching on the Naturopathic Nutrition Course, I offer one to one sessions in my Cardiff based natural health practice, lead a women’s group in Cardiff, enjoy taking part in kirtan (yogic chanting) sessions with Steve, and look after our children.

“When we have been through a period of health challenge, when we recover we usually feel in better health than ever before.”