The next rejuvenation course will be in the new year we have not secured the dates or venue as yet. We will update the info as soon as we have the details. It will be in Swansea or Cardiff or both. You are more than welcome to secure your place below if you would like to secure your place early.

The following 12-week course is packed with information, workshops, food and drink tasters, recipes and support to reboot your health and well-being.

See the attached PDF flyer below for more details.

rejuvenation course flyer

Rejuvenation Course (Click drop down menu for 12 or 6 wks)

The online rejuvenation Naturopathy programme

Including the 7 secrets to optimum health

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This short course offers the whole of the naturopathic lifestyle in bite sized pieces: (CLICK HERE to view some FREE sample videos from the course) you will see fast results and learn to address your own health issues, or family health concerns. It takes you step by step through the process of detoxification and how to apply the naturopathic principles to your life.

Invest in your healthy future and sign up for our rejuvenation programme today.

Usually £199 Now Only £29.99 (pay using the paypal button below)

This Rejuvenation course is designed to help you transform your health simply and effectively. This course gives you the content to resolve long standing health conditions and a solution to all those niggling health concerns. With over 7 hours of videos plus knowledge to read in your own home this course will help you to change your health for the better.

What would it be like to wake every morning feeling well rested and refreshed?

What would it be like to see yourself  glowing with health and looking better than you’ve ever done?

YOU can achieve this high level of health and vitality, easily and quickly.

This health transforming online rejuvenation program will show you how to shift from energy-less to energy-rich and transform your health forever. 

We will help you break the patterns and habits that are holding you back and put new healthy behaviors in their place.

Want to make positive changes to your health this year? Then this is the course is for you.

We use techniques to help you shift stubborn health issues, break bad habits and put an end to addictions. We will show you how to:

  • Get in the right mind-set to make positive changes to your life
  • Release toxins from your body
  • Lose excess weight 
  • Gain energy, vibrant health and lots more

Over 15 years of clinical experience with 1000’s of happy clients. Here is what a previous client had to say:

“The Rejuvenation course has been like finding a magical castle that you have been searching for all your life but didn’t know how to enter. Emma “healthy” Jones Phillips has the key”   Diana Clark, Bridgend

Invest in your healthy future and sign up for our rejuvenation programme today.  Usually £199 Now Only £29.99 (pay using the paypal button below)

This is a transformational course and is the perfect way to learn everything you need to know about the naturopathic lifestyle

It’s a perfect introduction to our 2 year diploma course, and is for people who want a fast track route with minimum time commitment. (You can use the course for CPD points and gain a certificate of attendance.)

Learn what you need to achieve optimum health, clear any health symptoms and gain the tools to treat any future health concerns. This course has the potential to transform your life.

Investmentrejuvenation course - naturopathic nutrition in your health: Online rejuvenation programme

Usually £199  Now Only £29.99 (pay using the paypal button below)

The Rejuvenation Programme: Sessions overview

Session 1 – Learning the basics of the Naturopathic lifestyle

  • The philosophy of The Rejuvenation Programme
  • Understanding the fundamental rules of hydration
  • A hydrating diet and its importance for cellular cleansing
  • Looking at the Naturopathic diet
  • Eating a plant based diet for optimum nutrition
  • A typical day of using the naturopathic diet

Session 2 – Different diets and what works for you

  • Foods that Rejuvenate
  • Foods that create stress
  • Foods that create harmony and balance
  • Addressing the acid alkaline balance
  • Resolving cravings by correcting deficiencies
  • Detoxification and remineralisation

Session 3 – Unlock the key to optimum health

  • How to heal the body on a cellular level
  • The importance of Essential fatty acids
  • The good fats and their influence on health
  • Why the bad fats damage our health
  • How to utilize essential fats
  • How to get essential fatty acids from algae’s

Session 4 – Creating your own heath programme

  • Juicing for health
  • High energy super foods
  • Transitioning to a plant based vegetarian diet
  • Resolving addictions
  • Balancing blood sugar
  • Giving your body what it needs
  • Recipes and new ideas

Session 5 – Seasonal and local eating

  • Eating in balance with the seasons
  • Eating local and home grown food
  • Sprouting for health
  • The benefits of wheatgrass
  • The importance of eating a colourful diet
  • How to introduce foods that transform the emotions

Session 6 – The Breakthrough session!

  • Understanding the power of your mind
  • How to create a positive mind set with your food choices
  • Understanding you emotional health
  • Learn what effects you’re eating habits
  • Foods that negatively affect the mind
  • Foods that enhance your mind and emotions

Session 7 –Incorporating supplementation

  • Finding out which supplements you need for you
  • Correcting deficiencies
  • Supplements that detoxify
  • Common vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Supplements that improve different areas of the body
  • How to read supplement labels

Session 8 – Transformative techniques

  • The cleansing power of Naturopathic techniques
  • Using techniques to improve the function of the organs
  • Which techniques are right for you?
  • How to use techniques safely
  • How to incorporate techniques into your lifestyle
  • Contraindications for techniques

Session 9 – Your plan moving forward

  • Your programme for ongoing transformation
  • Feeling the difference
  • Recipes for health
  • Giving your body what it needs
  • The benefits of different diets
  • How to prepare amazing tasty food


“The Rejuvenation course has been like finding a magical castle that you have been searching for all your life but didn’t know how to enter.  Emma has the key to unlock the door and each session is like a guided tour of another room full of healthy delights, information and ingredients to make your life as wonderful as it can be and once you start enjoying the benefits you never want to leave.  Taking the course has been an inspiration and I recommend it to anyone who wants to change their life and look after their health in the best possible way.”

Diana Clark


Online course – Usually £199 Now Only £29.99 (pay using the paypal button below)

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Online course – Usually £199 Now Only £29.99 (pay using the paypal button below)