“I choose to nourish myself on all levels.” – Hungry for Change Film

PLEASE NOTE Emma is currently taking a sabbatical from her practice and Judith Lewis is taking care of her clients while she is off. Please see Jude’s info towards the end of this page if you would like to book in with her in Emma’s absence. Many thanks

Naturopathy restores balance to the body, bringing peace to the mind, reconnecting us with natural cycles and restoring our own innate wisdom. It encompasses all aspects of someone’s life:  lifestyle, environment, physical health, as well as mental, emotional and spiritual balance. As a multidimensional approach to health, naturopathy empowers people to understand their own journey and hereditary history, and to learn what is needed to heal and develop a deeper understanding of themselves.

A one to one session involves a full case history of background and family health as well as an in-depth analysis of diet, environment and lifestyle. Diagnosis can be done through hair, face and tongue analysis. During a consultation you will understand why you have you become ill and what you can do to achieve health again. A detailed individual programme of diet, supplements, superfoods, herbs or naturopathic techniques may be suggested when needed.

naturopathic nutritionYou don’t need to feel ill to have a consultation as everyone can improve on their diet and lifestyle, and the experience will be highly motivating. Many people who embark on this approach have exhausted other avenues and find this approach really works for them. There is a focus on hydration, detoxification and correcting any individual vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The consultation will leave you feeling empowered, giving you a clear way forward.

Thousands of people have resolved long term chronic health conditions with this logical, effective approach. Naturopathic Nutrition can treat a wide range of health disorders successfully such as:

  • Allergies
  • Anxiety
  • Bowel disorders
  • Blood disorders
  • Chronic health conditions
  • Cholesterol issues
  • Depression
  • Electric magnetic stress disorder
  • Eating disorders
  • Fertility issues
  • Gynaecological problems
  • Heart disease/high or low blood pressure
  • Joint problems
  • M.E.
  • Memory problems
  • Neurological disorders
  • Osteoporosis
  • Post-natal depression
  • Stress
  • Weight issues

Face to face sessions in Cardiff (Please note these are Emma’s rates and she is currently taking a sabbatical from her practice PLEASE SEE INFO ON JUDITH LEWIS BELOW) 
First session, up to 1.5 hours, £75
Follow-up sessions, up to 1 hour, £60 (£50 for students on the naturopathic nutrition course)
Block of 5 x 1-hour sessions £275
Block of 10 x 1-hour sessions £500

(Sessions are also available by Skype)

How to book

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Naturopathic Nutrition Consultations (Cardiff)

Please note that Emma is currently taking a sabbatical from practicing and Judith Lewis is taking care of her clients. Judith studied with the School of Naturopathic Nutrition and more info is available on her below.

Naturopathic Nutrition with Sukhino (Judith Lewis)

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


An initial consultation offers us the opportunity to talk in some detail about your health story, lifestyle, environment and diet. I use face and tongue diagnostic techniques and a fifteen-minute reflexology session to learn more about your state of health. This information provides your detailed case history.

You will be offered the option of keeping a food journal for a week prior to your first appointment and together we will use this as a springboard for discussion of your regular eating patterns and your nutrient profile.

After a detailed analysis of your individual picture, I will share with you some initial suggestions for moving towards more vibrant health.

Should you decide to embark on a programme of naturopathic nutritional healing, we will meet regularly using a coaching style. You will begin to understand why you are experiencing symptoms and what you can do to regain balance and restore your innate body-wisdom. Should hair analysis and blood tests prove necessary, I can arrange these for you.

A naturopathic approach to wellness is a holistic approach and will require a willingness to explore all aspects of your life. The Sukhino programme typically involves working with hydration levels, cleansing and detoxification techniques, dietary changes, targeted supplementation and pH balancing.

I hold a diploma in naturopathic nutrition and a certificate in nutritional advice from The School of Naturopathic Nutrition in Cardiff. I am also a clinical aromatherapist and a reflexologist. My membership of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) signifies that I have undergone recognised training from accredited training providers and that I work with a strict code of practice and ethics. I am also fully insured.

Naturopathic Nutrition

£60 Initial Assessment Session (Up to 1.5 hours)

£50.00 Follow–up Session (Up to 1 hour)

Block of 5x 1hour sessions £220.00

Block of 10x1hour sessions £400.00


£40.00 for a 60 minute appointment (45 minute treatment)

Block of 5 appointments £160.00

Block of 10 appoinmtments £300.00

Appointments Available At:

Aroma Holistic Clinic 1A Fields Park Road Cardiff

Sukhino Clinic Llantarnam

Contact Judith on 07989591874 or 01633 329124


Facebook Page Sukhino Wellbeing


A Bit About Me

My birth story has me rushing into the world at the moment my mother’s waters broke and the family joke goes that I didn’t stop rushing till 2003. I was a healthy, energetic child with an optimistic nature and a highly developed sense of social justice. I charged through my teenage years campaigning to change the world and then found my way into teaching where I worked hard and enjoyed a very successful and happy career.

In 2003 life as I knew it came to a dramatic and abrupt halt when I experienced a neurological assault which resulted in significant right side paralysis.

Louis L’Amour said, ‘There will come a time when you believe everything is finished, this will be the beginning.’

The neurologist who worked with me in those early years was wonderful and it was because of a remark he made that I began to look into acupuncture. From there other ‘alternative’ or ‘complimentary’ healing modalities presented themselves and my path to recovery opened up.

Within a few years I was no longer ill, but I wasn’t well either and it took a detailed analysis of my nutrient profile to identify that I was chronically deficient in magnesium. Working closely with a respected naturopath

(Emma Jones-Phillips) I implemented lifestyle and dietary changes, improved my hydration and essential fatty acid levels, used detoxification techniques and began to supplement magnesium.

Within a few months the facial and cranial neuralgia that had been so excruciatingly painful began to ease and attacks became less frequent. Over time I saw a huge difference in my concentration, energy levels, clarity of my speech, sleep patterns and my general well-being.

But my healing didn’t stop there. The nerve damage to my right arm and hand, which I had been told was permanent, gradually improved and sensation returned. I was still having regular neurology appointments and the neurologist who had been so open-mined about other healing methods, was delighted and amazed in equal measure. He discharged me with open access for the future because he couldn’t quite believe that I didn’t need him anymore.

I have experienced the power of a naturopathic approach to wellness first hand and I am committed to sharing the opportunity for healing with anyone who is willing to closely examine their lifestyle and eating habits and make the necessary changes to ensure their well-being.