“The human body is the best picture of the human soul.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

The metamorphic technique is for personal transformation; releasing limiting or negative attitudes to life.

During the session Emma gently touches the points on the feet, hand and the head that correspond to the prenatal time; our time in the womb.  The belief is that during these nine months, our patterns of being become established, and are later played out (often unconsciously) in our lives.  By working on the prenatal time this allows for the person’s inherent life force to release the patterns of behaviour that no longer serve them.

The sessions are carried out in person and can be done on a massage couch or chair.  Gentle touch is applied to specific points on the feet, hands and the head. There is no need for the practitioner to know about your personal or medical history. After a session, people often feel energized or relaxed or both.

metamorphic techniqueReasons to have a session:

  • To resolve destructive emotional patterns
  • To improve fertility
  • To change long standing patterns
  • To achieve relaxation
  • Can be used with any health condition, and is safe and effective in pregnancy.

You can have sessions in any circumstance or condition of your life.  The results can range from general feelings of having more energy and confidence to improvements in physical, mental or emotional health, releasing of old habits or gradually letting go of past hurts. People often report significant changes in the way they see life and how they feel and think about themselves.

It is entirely up to each person to determine the number and frequency of sessions received.

Per session, up to 1 hour, £50

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