“I just want to say a huge thank you for your support and advice over the last year. I still can’t quite believe that I’m pregnant and this has given me everything I wanted from the course and more!
When I started last September I wasn’t in a very good place emotionally. Initially I thought that the course would just be about eating better but it gave me the tools to improve my life on many different levels.”

“The turning point for me was the retreat in March. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit apprehensive as I had never taken part in anything like this before but it turned out to be a life changing experience for me. I got to know everyone from the course on a much deeper level over the weekend and I now consider lots of these people to be good friends. It was nice to talk to likeminded people and amazing to find out that lots of them were going through the same emotional experiences as me at that time.
As you know my main reason for improving my life and health was to have a baby and it was no coincidence that after being in a much better emotional state after the retreat I conceived only 2 months later!”
Sarah K

“I feel like a totally different person to the one that started the course a year ago and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to change their life for the better on any level.
Thanks again Emma and Steve.”

“I cannot write highly enough about this wonderful course. I should also mention that I am in the best health I have experienced for years. I have experienced menopause without horrible side effects and HRT. When my body exhibits symptoms of illness I am able to use natural methods and foods to alleviate and eradicate.
Emma has respect for the conventional health models and practices but sensitively encourages her students to try natural methods first. I found everything I was taught was ‘food for the soul’ and embraced it all! Going to the classes was pure pleasure. After qualifying I became a Nutritional Advisor to The Lighthouse Clinic in Swansea which offers counselling and psychotherapy services.   Emma encourages her students to explore their lives, strengths, interests and passions. I became inspired to follow my passion for pregnancy, childbirth, early parenting and childhood again and became a qualified practising Doula! It truly is a wonderful journey!!!”
Nicola (doula-assistant in pregnancy)

“I learned so much within the first year, I have alleviated my symptoms of asthma and my IBS cleared up. I am so grateful for the awareness I have of my body. The course has also helped me on a spiritual and emotional level, my life has improved dramatically. I highly recommend the course.”
Sarah (hypnotherapist)

“I cannot express how much the course has changed my life and that of my family.  I lost 4 stone in weight and came off 4 of my medications! Emma has been an amazing teacher, she is so knowledgeable, so kind, caring and so compassionate.”

“Brilliant course, I thoroughly recommend it. It has brought about such a transformation in my life and that of my family. My energy levels have never been better, even my husband has commented that I am a better person to live with! One of the biggest benefits is the way that I have been able to help others with natural methods. No matter what stage of life you are at it is going to bring many benefits and maybe transformation to your life as well.”
Emma (HR Consultant)

“Having completed and achieved the diploma around 8 years ago I can’t recommend this course highly enough; it completely changed the course of my life, I cured a chronic disease that medics said was incurable and it has positively affected my choices every day since. Taking it will be one of the best life choices you’ve ever made.”

“Your gentle and compassionate approach helped me to open up completely. The sessions were extremely comfortable and relaxing because of your honest and open manner. You helped me to clear emotional blocks, by identifying certain behavioural patterns that I was subconsciously holding on to, and which were limiting my progress. You provided many tools and techniques to help change my way of thinking and as a result life is altogether more positive and I definitely feel more confident. Many, many thanks again, Steve.”
Beth C

“My partner and I were trying for a baby for 10 years with three unsuccessful IVF’s behind us we started a nutritional program with Healthy Jones Phillips, three months later we successfully conceived. And I gave birth to a healthy baby boy 9 months later.”

“I’ve just returned from the retreat with Emma and Steve and I’m still flying high on superfoods! I’m feeling fantastic and I can truly say that this weekend has touched me physically, emotionally and spiritually. It was a gorgeous place, so peaceful and loving. It was great to spend time and bond with lovely people. The sessions were very inspiring and I have cemented what we have learnt.  I feel very motivated and inspired to continue my journey. Looking forward to the next one!”
Rhian Hepple

“Thanks Steve and Emma for your hard work. I hope you know how important your influence is in the lives of all those you meet.”
Jude Lewis

“The retreat gave me a more positive outlook on where my life is at the moment and made clear the steps I need to take to overcome some barriers. I enjoyed every second of the weekend, learnt so much, tried new things, ate amazing food and made new friends.  I didn’t think I would find the weekend so positive and wonderful. Thank you so much to you both.”
Ellie Lewis-Jones

“What a wonderful retreat and such a close knit group. I gained so much from talking to others who have had similar family problems to the one I am experiencing now. It helps knowing that you are not alone. I felt so supported by yourselves and others in the group.”

“Thank you Emma and Steve for this lovely relaxing weekend in Glastonbury.  It was a great experience and I felt very calm on my return, I feel inspired to do more meditation. Looking forward to the next one.”

“I had a lovely weekend, it was very cleansing.  I met some beautiful, non-judgemental people who really touched my heart. I think staying at the retreat allowed the healing to begin, wonderful people and the energy was very comforting. To sum up in a sentence; new beginnings, new insights, new friends!”

“The retreat was a wonderful experience which took me right out of my comfort zone in a good way and helped me resolve emotional issues that I had been struggling to deal with for over 2 years. I came home feeling like a different person and plan to continue with the techniques I learnt to improve my well-being and reduce my stress levels long term. I got to know some amazing, supportive people over the weekend who were all on my wavelength. I would like to thank you both for organising what was for me a life changing experience and would highly recommend it to others.”

“Really enjoyed the weekend and came home lighter for having left baggage behind!  My comment to anyone considering going on the retreat would be don’t hesitate, do it.  You won’t regret it and you will have a wonderful time with wonderful people, living the life and eating the food we aspire to, all in a safe environment.”

“When I joined the course I had many existing health conditions, such as Rheumatoid arthritis, underactive thyroid and endometriosis. During my progress on the course I was able to come off 7 medications and get my life back. The bonus for me was being able to conceive my first baby at 43. Which is something I never imagined possible.”

“The course has enhanced my coaching business and has given me a wide range of tools to offer people. Since completing the two year course my client base has doubled and I now work in a truly holistic way with the naturopathic principles. This course has transformed my health and I have a high success rate with my clients.”

Emma is the most knowledgeable teacher I have ever had the pleasure of being
taught by. In addition to that she seems to hold no judgments what so ever and
is so compassionate and as a student, who’s diet is not at the same level as
Emma’s, certainly makes you feel relaxed and understood. Emma is clear and
concise in her teaching and also encouraging when she asks us to share our
experiences or challenges us to share our knowledge that we already have but
may not quite have the confidence to share yet.

(Hannah, previous student)

I really enjoyed studying with The School of Naturopathic Nutrition and I’m
proud that I have obtained a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition last year. Emma
and her team were inspiring and very supportive. Emma’s knowledge and
expertise was immense and I learnt an incredible amount. My health has
improved and I am really enjoying building up my own practice and working
with clients to improve their health too. I know there is also ongoing support if I
need it directly with Emma or through her Practitioner update sessions which
not only give Ex- students the opportunity to discuss cases but also to keep upto-date
with latest findings.

(Rhian Hepple, previous student)

I have loved being Emma’s student on the first year of the Naturopathic Nutrition
course. Emma is a wealth of knowledge and she is an inspiration with her
teachings and the results that she achieved through her practice. Not only the
course is phenomenal and transformational, Emma has helped me with advice
and support, changing my life and that of my whole family. I cannot be more
grateful and I would recommend Emma, her course and retreats to anyone who
wants to turn their health and life around!

(Federico, current 1st year student)

I would like to take this opportunity to say what an outstanding teacher and
contributor to the world of naturopathic nutrition that Emma Jones Phillips is.
I have known Emma professionally for many years and took the 2-year course
ending last year. I thoroughly enjoyed the course due to Emma’s incredibly kind
and knowledgeable approach. Throughout the course I felt I could ask questions
anytime and really understand the subject, which is thanks to such a good
teacher. Emma doesn’t just know the subject well but she eats, breathes and lives
the subject every minute of every day making her one of the best naturopaths in
the world. Well done Emma.

(Janette Jones, Previous student)

Emma is an absolute professional – I consulted with Emma regarding multiple
health issues which no GP or specialist was able to help with – armed with some
of my own tests Emma helped piece together the likely processes in my mind
and body affecting my symptoms! This quickly involved modifications with diet
sleep and general lifestyle which within a short time started making a difference
– Emma’s knowledge is so vast and her many years experience shows which
instils confidence instantly. The advice had such a positive experience that I
enrolled for the naturopathic nutrition course with Healthy Jones Phillips –
wanting me to inspire and educate others on natural healing from illness based
on the foundations learnt from Emma’s treatment protocol quick results and also
the supporting research and theory learnt. I have recommended Emma to friends
family and colleagues – thank you Emma Jones for helping to show me the path to
true healing!

(Priti, Current 1st year student)

Emma is an approachable, extremely knowledgeable naturopath who is very
professional. I have learnt so much from Emma since I first met her 7 years ago
and felt inspired to follow a number of her courses. She is an excellent teacher
with a passion that is infectious and I am pleased to now be able to pass on some
of this knowledge in order to be able to help others. Her knowledge always
astounds me and makes me want to always learn more for my health and others
around me.

(Andrea, Current 2nd year student)

Emma is no ordinary teacher. She goes above and beyond to ensure her students
benefit from the depth of knowledge and insights she has gathered in her own
practice over the last 20 years. She is someone who stands out amongst teachers,
empowering others to take control of their health and has positively changed
many lives, including mine. I went to Emma as a patient after receiving
numerous recommendations. Having tried many avenues to address my own
health issues, I found Emma’s advice and guidance so transformative, I enrolled
on her Naturopathic Nutrition course in the School of Naturopathic Nutrition
Wales. I only ever intended to take the first year to gain more information to
continue my own healing journey. However, I am now shortly about to complete
the second year of the course and qualify myself as a practitioner in this field. I
never dreamt that my life would change so radically, but I became convinced that
the knowledge I gained through Emma needed to be shared for the benefit of
others. This is what Emma does. She teaches in a caring, inspiring and
empowering manner, going to great lengths to demonstrate the power of
Naturopathic Nutrition. She is authentic, living the philosophy that she has
devoted her life to teaching. She is also incredibly humble and, having
undertaken a fair degree of studying in my life, I can’t think of anyone more
deserving of this accolade than Emma.

(Rhiannon, Current 2nd year student)

Emma is such a wonderful teacher. What I love the most is that her knowledge is
emphasised by the fact that she’s taking from experience and not just theory; this
helps me to learn and absorb things easier. I feel she has helped me with my
confidence by the way she teaches. I’ve grown a lot over the last 9 months. She’s
encouraging and empathetic, considerate and calm. Nothing seems to be too
much, she’s always been available and helpful with any concerns I’ve had. I hope
to go on and study the second year with her.

(Joanna, current 1st year student)

Emma Jones Philips is a remarkable tutor. I have known her for 17 years, and
have seen her grow her many skills in that time. She has amassed an amazing
knowledge. Some of this knowledge has been garnered from her own
experiences in healing herself…and she has unstintingly shared this…and learned
from others in the process. I joined her co facilitated Course in Naturopathic
Nutrition a few years ago, maybe just two as time flies!! I was in my early 80s
and was welcomed, together with a few other keen “elders” in their 70s. We
learned so much and were welcomed with splendid open teaching and sharing.
Most of the younger intake completed their two years and became fully qualified
Practitioners. Others completed the one year course and really enjoyed the
experience. In my own case I had to leave before completing the course because
my osteoporosis presented too much of a physical challenge, even though Emma
managed to ‘magic’ a wonderful rocking chair from somewhere in the very
different Steiner school where the course was held on Saturdays!! Perfect for
me!!! I did however, buy all the Course books and with continued support from
both Emma and Steve Phillips, I know that I have in effect completed the Course.
I am able to use and share the knowledge and have the ability to access further
knowledge. This is inbuilt in this remarkable teacher/ lecturer/tutor’s
repertoire. What a role model she is and always will be, we all respect and love
Emma and thank her for sharing her knowledge with us in a very special and
empowering way. A great teacher and very generous in her gifts. None of us will
ever forget her friendship. (Hazel, previous student).