Steve Phillips - Healthy Jones“Take care of your body, it’s the only place we have to live.” Jim Rohn

Steve has always had a deep interest in personal development, after losing his Dad aged just 13 years old he set on a mission to find out the purpose of life. He learnt how to goal set and gained a Welsh under-18’s cap in rugby and from that moment on, after realizing the power of intention, had a desire to share this knowledge with others to help them also achieve their dreams.

After his semi-professional rugby career and gaining a Welsh students cap,  Steve started working with a detox clinic in London: beginning with consultations, he went on to attend their training sessions, and eventually managed and co-owned the clinic for 2 years.

In his late 20’s Steve continued with his personal development exploration through public speaking, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and coaching courses in London, increasingly looking to improve himself and developing the spiritual side of life. He practiced yoga, tai chi, became certified in Omni Energy Healing, studied Metaphysics and achieved a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science.

Steve worked with counselling and psychotherapy and became a spiritual guidance counselor specializing in relationships. Eventually Steve joined the Hare Krishna temple, where he lived for 2 years as a practicing monk.

Steve then studied naturopathic nutrition, gained his diploma and now feels that he has found a way to look at the complete health picture: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. He gains deep fulfillment in sharing this with others to help them to get the most out of their lives.

Steve focuses on helping others to help themselves. He shares the framework and the philosophy in which people can educate themselves and transform their lives. When people start to clean up their diets, naturally they start questioning the spiritual aspects of their lives, searching for meaning and purpose, and this is where Steve helps to guide people to find inner fulfillment.

Steve is an author and has written articles for local publications. He has appeared on S4C and has taken part in Radio Cymru programmes.

Steve has trained and worked with some of the best people in the personal development field such as Dr David Hamilton (Hay House), Jason Chan (Hay House), Dr Bruce Lipton (Hay House), Chris Howard, Dr Joan Howell (founder of the School of Metaphysics Wales) and Dr Paul Masters of the University of Sedona. He has also had the opportunity to learn from many gurus from Eastern philosophies.

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Here is what a previous client had to say:

“Thank you for all the help you have given me over the past couple
of months. Your gentle and compassionate approach helped me to open up
completely. The sessions were extremely comfortable and relaxing because of
your honest and open manner. I am not taking any medication any more, my energy levels are amazing and feel the best I have for years thank you Steve.” Caroline (Cardiff, UK)