steve and emma - naturopathic nutrition - healthy jones phillips - walesWe are based in South Wales and we offer a range of sessions, courses and retreats focused around naturopathic nutrition and associated therapies, including a diploma course in naturopathic nutrition.

Our mission is to empower people to regain control of their life and health: this enables them to create positive changes and to become fully aligned with their purpose.  This means they have more energy and time to spend doing the things they love, and it may even lead them to becoming naturopathic nutrition practitioners themselves.

We draw on our professional experiences which combine to over 30 years, as well as our personal journeys of overcoming our own health issues. We hold the belief that it is possible to overcome any health challenges, and we feel privileged to be able to support people along their journey of personal development. Witnessing the transformation in others is truly fulfilling as people heal and become the best they can be.

We are a family business and we pride ourselves on taking a personal approach, supporting each individual’s needs.

Emma Healthy Jones Phillips - WalesAbout Emma

Emma trained with The College of Natural Nutrition and has been working in the field of naturopathic nutrition since 1996. She has been teaching naturopathy courses across the UK since 2000 and to date has taught thousands of students. Our naturopathic diploma course is the only one in Wales. Emma also teaches on short courses and retreats, and offers one-to-one consultations from her natural health clinic in Cardiff.

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Steve Phillips - Healthy Jones Phillips - WalesAbout Steve

Steve has a background in personal development, spiritual development, and metaphysics; and he has found that naturopathic nutrition helped him enormously in his health and life. He is married to Emma and shares the running and delivery of the courses and retreats. His focus is on helping others to help themselves and supporting people on their personal journeys back to wellness.

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